Reasons for Divorce

The level of intolerance among the current generation is so high that couples get divorced for the most trivial of reasons. The promise to stay together for a lifetime can be broken over the most mundane excuses. Does it really make that much of a difference if your spouse doesn’t use a fork to eat peas, or hates your tuna casserole? Among the most outlandish reasons to ask for a divorce actually seen in court include a wife demanding a divorce because her husband had failed to change his relationship status on Facebook. Another one was a husband demanding a divorce because his wife refused to dress as a Klingon ( a fictional race from the television series Star Trek.)

Yes, there are actual reasons which make good grounds for asking for a divorce, but discovering that your wife had an affair in the 1940s when you read some of her old letters in 2018, is not one of them. Here we examine some reasons where you may be justified in being separated from your spouse.


If you discover that your spouse is having an affair while living with you at the current time, it means that your relationship is obviously not enough for them. This is a good ground for seeking a divorce. In court you will need to provide some proof of this infidelity and you must be prepared to have your life’s intimate details splayed out in the open.


Living with an abusive partner is not acceptable. There is no reason why anyone should have to put up with abuse. This includes both physical as well as emotional abuse. There is a fair amount of awareness and help available for those dealing with physical abuse. However very often the people who are being mentally harassed by an emotionally abusive partner, don’t even realise that they are being abused for years.


Finances are one of the primary reasons why couples divorce. There is usually a difference of opinion on how the funds should be managed in the family. If both partners are earning, there is a problem about how much each should be contributing to the household expenses. If only one bread winner exists, there may be lording over and reluctance to give the other partner the money required to run the house.

Lack of communication

Often one of the first problems that a married couple face is the lack of communication. Each partner makes assumptions about the behaviour of the other and does not take the time to clarify if that is true. Since no two people are alike, these assumptions are usually incorrect, at least partially, even if they claim to know their partner very well. The breakdown of communication channel can lead to a divorce as both partners are not on the same page in the marriage.

Constant arguing

Every couple tends to fight. Having a few disagreements is nothing new in any marriage. The problem arises when the spouse seems to have a contrary opinion to every thing you say. Even going out of the way to prove a point in an argument, when common sense says that it would be a mistake. There is no point staying in such a relationship where the partner wants to fight just for the sake of fighting you at each step.

Unrealistic expectations

As we grow older we change. Our personality changes, the way we look changes and even the stamina we have changes. To expect your partner to be exactly how they were when you married them ten, fifteen or twenty years ago is simply unrealistic. If you are not the same, how can you expect them to be the same? If the partner with the unrealistic expectations does not change, it will eventually lead to a divorce.

Lack of intimacy

The bedroom plays an important role in any marriage. The act of intimacy that is shared with your partner is not replicated in any other relationship. This means that a lack of intimacy will result in issues in the relationship. No one should be trapped in a love less marriage. If repeated efforts to solve the problem do not seem to work, it would make a good ground for divorce.

Lack of equality

A good marriage is one where both the partners work together towards shared goals. They each acknowledge the other as equals in the relationship, knowing that the partner compliments their own self. When one partner begins to feel superior to the other, and begins to put down their spouse or not acknowledge their contribution, it will lead to major relationship problems. Eventually leading to a divorce, if both are unable to reach out to each other and change things.

Not prepared for marriage

One of the reasons why a marriage may fail and end up in divorce is that the couple married too early. They were not mentally prepared for the change in the relationship as well as the many responsibilities that come up with the marriage. This is more common in couples who have married really young and not had a chance to experience life on their own.




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