Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

The brightness and grandeur of the clothes worn by an Indian bride make Indian bridal makeup more complicated than any other bridal makeup. Indian brides not only wear outfits with lots of zari on it, but also lots of gold.

So the bridal makeup tips applicable to western brides suit only her white gown, but not an Indian bride. Therefore, here are some bridal makeup tips for the Indian bride to make you look glamorous and natural on your wedding day. 

Facial base makeup:

The base makeup has to be done right as a mistake here can ruin your makeup. Most beauticians tend to make you look fairer than you actually are on your wedding day. However it is always better for your base makeup to match your skin tone as you look artificial in lighter shade makeup.

Make sure your foundation is applied evenly, especially around your jaw bone. Don’t get any foundation near your wedding outfit and use matte powder on your face to make sure your skin looks great in photographs. Apply some ice on your face before applying the base to make your makeup last longer.

Eye makeup:

Eye makeup is the trickiest of Indian bridal makeup. With Indian women having beautiful eyes, don’t spoil them with green, blue or any other colored eye shadows. The best eye makeup to use is thick black kohl to line doe-shaped eyes and then apply a red or brown eye shadow.

Blend a darker shade to the crease and outer corner and finish off with some mascara to create ultra-dramatic lashes. Mascara should always be applied in a zigzag motion as it helps avoid clumps.

Lip makeup:

As your wedding outfit is usually red, orange or pink in color, don’t wear outlandish lip shades on your wedding day. Choose some maroon or red shade, but not blood red as it makes you look like a vampire bride.

Lip liners avoids bleeding and keeps your lip color longer. Start applying the lip liner from the center of your lips and move outwards, completely outlining your lips. Then fill your lips with a moisturizing lip color to keep your lips soft and supple.

Finish off with a lip gloss to create a dazzling shine to your lips. It’s better to use light lip colors for thin and small lips while fuller lips look better with deep shades.


Make sure you use minimal cheek makeup as everything else in your bridal makeup is loud. A hint of red blush and a fine matte dust for a glow will be just right.


A manicure and pedicure ensures your hands and feet look moisturized. While well-polished and shaped nails add spark to your looks, choose a color that matches your wedding dress. Apply your chosen nail polish in a single sweep and give a base coat on your nails to strengthen them.

Body skin:

As your skin breaks out and looks flushed after facials, it’s better to have your facial done at least a week before your wedding. Apply rich, non-greasy Hand Crème to your hands, and cover with white cotton gloves before sleeping to give smoother and softer hands in the morning.

Decorative art:

In addition to the basic facial makeup, Indian bridal makeup involves decoration of the forehead with shining beads or sandal paste. Choose a simple design which can be appreciated as crowded and complicated designs are difficult to appreciate.

Bridal outfit color:

It is better for slim girls to choose light colors like pastels as they reflect more light, and thus enhance their volume. On the contrary, girls on the stouter side should wear dark colored outfits like blacks and burgundy as they reflect less light and thus diminish the wearer’s volume. It is always better for short girls to avoid wearing outfits with contrasting colors as it only makes them look shorter.

Bridal outfit fabric:

1. Banaras koras, silks and brocades have always been, and will always have an important part in the wedding dressing culture of India. Designers love using them to create unique wedding outfits as they are versatile and thus give them  limitless embroidery possibilities.

2.  Laces and nets are also popular as Indian bridal outfits. They give a fresh, young and dream like feel to the bride with a wide range of delicate and versatile embroidery.

3.  Satin gives a luxurious, glossy and rich feel to the wedding outfit. It is also used as a lining to expensive wedding outfits. Being versatile, satin wedding outfits can carry lots of embroidery weight.

4.  Only women with a good figure should opt for Lycra or Lurex wedding outfits as it hugs the body to give a close fit and can otherwise accentuate unattractive body features. Embroidery on these outfits is however limited, and done using a special technique.

The right dress for the right bridal ceremony:

The Indian wedding comprises of various functions, mainly the mehndi, sangeet, cocktails, the engagement and wedding ceremonies and the reception. It is important that the bride dresses appropriately to enhance her bridal makeup.

1.  Mehndi is always full of fun and excitement. So it’s better to wear bright colors, preferably something green. Ghagra cholis are most popular for the function, preferably with half sleeves to wear mehndi.

2.  The Sangeet comprises of song and dance; so wear something light and which does not constrain your movements.

3.  The outfits for cocktail parties are generally indo-western and western in design. As this is usually a night function, it’s better to wear darker shades. The garments should be sleek, less traditional and more streamlined preferably Lycra  or satin with light embroidery.

4.  As the engagement and the wedding ceremonies are the most auspicious of Indian weddings, it is important that traditional clothes are worn. The outfit should dictate your background and culture.

5.  Reception outfits are generally more elaborate, grand and modern in terms of cuts, fabric and embroidery.

Feature Writer: Aarti Narang

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