Keeping things interesting – Don’t lose the mystery

Cayusa CC By via Flickr

Cayusa CC By via Flickr

In the beginning of any relationship everything is new and interesting. Any trivial detail about your mate can be fascinating. Finding out more about the love of your life is like a constantly unveiling mystery where you are excited to know what comes next. Unfortunately this initial stage of discovery does not last very long. After a while you know your mate almost as well as you know yourself. You can predict their reactions to situations as they arise and even complete their sentences. While its good news that you know your mate so well, it can somewhat diffuse the strong interest you felt in your mate initially. The trick here to keep things interesting is not to lose the mystery. Here’s what you can do. 

Do something romantic for your mate

After a while you and your partner may get trapped in the dullness of routine, so break the daily drill with something romantic and unexpected. It could be as simple as biting a rose stem with your teeth and grabbing your partner for an impromptu jig, or something more complex like a well planned surprise date. It’s totally up to you to pick the romantic gesture that you know your love will appreciate. After all you are the one who knows the fact that while she enjoys getting flowers, its balloons that excite your spouse.

Exploit the intimate knowledge that you have about your partner to design a romantic gesture that makes an impact on them. It will make all the more of an impact if you have never done something like this before. It will keep the mystery of what you may do next alive. Just be careful that it is not too much of a surprise to take.

Go somewhere you have not been to before

Every couple can fall into the rut of going to the same restaurant for dinner, the same multiplex to see movies and the same park for exercise. Tweak the familiar activity that you both take on by going to a place where you have never been before. It is well worth discovering a new restaurant even if you have to drive longer to get there.

This holds especially true for a short holiday destination. Take a weekend break to a place that you have not been to together. Explore the new place and rediscover the fun you have with your mate during the journey. Be it parasailing over the ocean or Wild River Rafting in the mountains, no matter what the new activity is, share it with your mate. It will allow you to explore the mysteries of the world together while keeping things interesting between the two of you.

Write an old fashioned love letter declaring your undying love

Yes it may sound corny, but the truth is that even if you do manage to mumble a quick “I love you” to your spouse each day, there is still great pleasure in receiving a love letter. Taking the time and effort to let your better half know how much they mean to you can give your relationship a major boost. The heartwarming gesture of sharing your emotions in black and white on paper tells your spouse that you care for them beyond the day to day existence. That they matter to you and that you are glad that they are a part of your life. So pick up the pen and paper and write that mushy love letter.

Pick up a new hobby that interests both of you

A shared interest that allows you both to work together will bring you closer together. An art class, dancing or skating, it does not matter what the activity is as long as you both learn it together. The new hobby will allow you to bond better while ensuring that you have some fun. It will be like the good old days in your relationship where a shared experience brings you closer.

By sharing the new hobby you will also increase the number of things that you can talk about other than mundane daily routine stuff. If you don’t have the time or energy to pick up a new hobby try something as simple as cooking a new dish together. The goal is to spend some quality time together, not the final product that is produced by your joint effort in the kitchen.

Set up an unexpected treat for your spouse

Is your love the kind of girl who would appreciate a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom? Will your man like tickets to a cricket match being held in town? Maybe she will like to see you in the middle of the work day at her office with a bouquet of red roses announcing to the world how much you love her. Or perhaps he would love being pampered with an aromatic oil massage at home when he returns after a long day at work.

Think of what your spouse enjoys doing and then plan a treat based on that for them. It is always nicer if you can ensure that they are not shell shocked with the treat, so start small and work your way up. It would be even better if you can hint at the treat in advance so that your spouse is prepared for something to come and anticipating it.

Feature Writer: Cashmere Lashkari

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