11 Good Reasons Why You Should Get Married

MattHurst, By CC via Flickr

MattHurst, By CC via Flickr

There are a number of reasons why people choose to get married. Some of these include falling in love, finding a soul mate and other such mushy stuff.  This may not spell permanence for your relationship even if you do get married. It may be a completely practical and devoid of romance approach but consider realistic reasons to tie the knot. Here are eleven good reasons which you should consider getting married for. 

Reason No. 1: You have both travelled together and enjoyed it

For many couples a trip taken together is the first time that you spend a continuous length of time together. It is here that you discover certain quirks and eccentricities that a person may have. So if you have been able to travel with the person and have fun, it’s a good reason to marry them.

Reason No. 2: You have had a big fight and your relationship has survived it

Difference of opinions is bound to happen when there is more than one individual involved. Some of these may be the reason why couples fight. So if you could have a fight and learn how to deal with the outcome you have a shot at making the relationship a lasting one.

Reason No. 3: You have met each other’s families and can live with being related to them for the rest of your natural life

Families come in all varieties: big or small, loving or hating, indifferent or intrusive.  You have to accept that your spouse’s family will become an extension of your own. So if you have met your partner’s family and can accept them for who they are into your lives you should consider getting married. It can be a disaster to try and marry into a family that you have can simply not tolerate.

Reason No. 4: You both enjoy being active or being lazy together

Your hobbies and interests play an important part in your life, and so it stands to reason that they should be something that you share with your partner. If he is the kind who wants to sail across the Pacific Ocean in a boat and you are the kind who never managed to learn swimming, your marriage is doomed before you say “I do.” If you share interests and do stuff together a lot, it’s a good reason to get married.

Reason No. 5: Your partner enjoys doing outside chores while you prefer doing the ones indoors

In each partnership a certain amount of complimentary activity is necessary. You may be good at book keeping and budget planning but your partner may not. So it makes sense to pick a person who enjoys doing the things that you do not. That way the work will get done and you both will not feel burdened.

Reason No. 6: You want to live longer than your single friends

Scientific research has proved that people who are married are likely to live longer. A study conducted by the University of California has concluded that a single man has a 250% times higher mortality rate than married men. It seems that having a wife can keep your heart diseases at stem and make you less susceptible to infectious diseases. Now that is a good reason for men to get married.

Reason No. 7: You want to save more money and make better investments

A study of the spending behavior of married couples and singles has revealed that a married couple is likely to save for a home, a car and an egg nest, while singles spend on dinner dates, gifts and personal products. So if you want to have money and enjoy its benefits you may like to get married young and save up for all you want.

Reason No. 8: Most stable environment for starting a family

Carrying on the bloodline is something that may not seem very important to some people. However it stands to reason that being married is the traditional starting point towards building a family. Raising kids is just easier in the more stable environment provided by married parents in society even today. So if you want a family, get married.

Reason No. 9: Being married makes you more attractive to the opposite gender

It is a case of the forbidden fruit. Human nature makes mankind want what they cannot have. So as soon as you get married you will suddenly find yourself receiving a great deal more attention from the opposite sex. Although that kind of defeats the purpose since you cannot take advantage of the situation. Maybe it is better to stay single and struggle for the attention of the opposite sex.

Reason No. 10: Regular love life is a major plus

Married couples are 23% more active sexually than their unmarried counterparts as per a study conducted online by the Kinsley Institute. So if you get hitched you are likely to get a whole lot more action in bed than your unmarried friend. Plus, the action is much better than a one night stand because of the higher levels of trust involved.

Reason No. 11: You will never be alone again

No matter what you do henceforth you will always have someone to come home to. You have a partner, a counselor, an advisor, a collaborator and a friend for life…and that would be the best reason to get married.

 Feature Writer : Cashmere Lashkari

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