Tips to bring back romance in life

Everyone loves to have some romance in their daily lives as it helps improve your spirits. However the problem is that most people are clueless about actually implementing romance in their lives.

Romance needn’t be something expensive; even little things like holding hands, linking your arms while walking and sending a romantic e-card to your partner saying how much you love him/her goes a long way in improving and strengthening your existing relationship.

You could also arrange for a surprise date; you will love to see his/her glowing face when he/she finds out about it. Another great idea is giving a red rose, with a note saying why you love them so much or gifting your beloved a small box with 50 reasons stating why you love him/her.

Anything can be romantic in life; you have to use your imagination to include romance in your life based on you, your lifestyle and your priorities in life. In case you still need some help in making life more romantic, to keep your partner happy and need ideas to keep the flame burning, here are some tips for effective everyday romance. 

Romance at breakfast:

Serving breakfast in bed is a great way to shower your love and affection on your beloved as there’s nothing more romantic than early morning pampering. For the effective implementation of your breakfast plan, you have to decide the best day of the week to do this. It’s always better to indulge in romance on weekends, when you are both fresh without any office and deadline worries.

It’s important you wake up before your beloved does; though this may be taxing, it’s worth it. Make sure you shut your bedroom door behind you as you don’t want her giving you a surprise by getting up and seeing you prepare her breakfast.

While the coffee’s brewing, cook your beloved’s favorite dishes; most women love pancakes, cereals, scrambled eggs and milkshake with cut fruits for breakfast. Serve all the food on a tray, and place it near her bedside. A single red rose added to the tray adds more delight and romance.

Create more romance by lighting up some aroma candles or incense sticks and then wake her up with a kiss on her forehead. Once she gets up and gives you her 1000 watt smile, you know all your efforts were worth it!

Other romantic situations:

1.  Besides breakfast romance, one of the best ways to express your love to your beloved is by sending him/her flowers to her/his workplace. Make sure you attach a small ‘miss you’ note to the bouquet.

2.  If you can afford it, arrange for a surprise romantic weekend getaway. Make sure your partner does not know about this till you reach the airport or railway station. If you have time to invest, you can spark the romance between you two by making a photo collage with memorable photographs of you two. Laminate this collage, and present it to him/her.

3.  You can always reach home a bit early, and take your partner out for dinner. You could also plan something nice after the dinner like a movie, a snooker game or a long drive for more romance.

4.  Candles, music and champagne are always winners for romance. Just set up a candle-lit dinner with soft music and champagne for the two of you on your rooftop. Don’t worry if you don’t have a rooftop; you can do it in your garden or even in your bedroom.

5.  You can trigger more romance in your life by recreating your first date magic by taking your date to the place you had first met. Eating the same food at the same table you had then will make a great romantic surprise.

6.  If you and your partner love dancing, you could always go to the discotheque to dance through the night. In case you can’t go to the disco, create the same ambience at home by dressing to kill, dimming the lights and playing some great music.

7.  A romantic makeover is just right to set the pulse running for both of you. Besides soft and silky fabrics, scented candles, fresh flowers and romantic music to trigger the mood, top everything with an intimate and sensual aromatherapy massage.

8.  Nothing can be more romantic than a night time picnic. Surprise your beloved by taking him/her to a romantic destination like a natural lake or cityscape, or the top of a tall hill with his/her favorite drink and snacks. This will really prove to be the experience of your lifetime.

Romance after a long time:

1.  In case you are meeting your beloved after a long time of separation, the best welcome home idea is a candle lit dinner with home cooked food. After living alone for so long, your beloved will really look forward to eating some home cooked food.

2.  You could also make small banners from the doorway to your bedroom. Fill these banners with a phrase like ‘Welcome home’ in the first one, and love quotes and notes about how you missed them in the subsequent ones. Make sure you are ready to surprise him/her with a huge hug and dinner.

3.  You could use the weekend to catch up with the latest movies. Just get a CD of the latest romantic movie and once your partner comes home, serve him/her with his/her favorite dish. You could spend the rest of the evening cuddling each other, enjoying the music.

With so many ideas to help you rekindle some romance into your lives, it is up to you to decide which romantic idea is most applicable and effective in your relationship.

Feature Writer: Aarti Narang


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