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Aarti Narang is a professional writer, with 4 years experience in editing, writing & translation. She has done a Masters in English from Delhi, India & is currently having 4 sub writers working with her.

Purnima Joshi is a professional writer, with 6 years experience in editing & writing. She has done a Bachelor of Life Science from Mumbai, India.

Purnima has been married for decades and while it is not necessarily the best qualification for a writer of blogs on a matchmaking portal, it is (she believes), at least, the first requisite. She is wife, mother, caregiver, designer of print media, firm believer in freedom and compassion and in the institution of marriage – it teaches you more about yourself than anything else… You could write to her if you need any help with your marriage; but better still she recommends: Ashmi Sawant – a true savant of marriage. You could reach her at: http://www.dilmilgaya.com

Ashmi Sawant is a post graduate in Neurophysiology & has changed her career from medicine dealing with the brain, to a more light hearted profession of a matchmaker, dealing with the heart & has been doing this for the last 12 years. She not only gives matrimonial advice, but also writes microblogs & composes poems which she posts on the the Dilmilgaya Matrimonial facebook page.

Cashmere Lashkari has been a professional writer with experience in editing and writing since 1999. She has done her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Pune University and her Master’s in Management from Chennai University. She currently lives in Delhi.

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