Daily mental practices to enhance your inner beauty

adamkontor, By Cc, via Pixabay

adamkontor, By Cc, via Pixabay

We live in the physical realm and measure all aspects of the world we live in by what we can perceive using our five senses. However beauty doesn’t always mean physical beauty, what lies within is also important. Actually when a person is beautiful from inside, they will also radiate it outwards. Haven’t you heard someone being complimented for “glowing from within”? Here are some practices that will enable you to literally transform how you feel and look and help you enhance your inner beauty.

Communicate with yourself everyday

Communication is a major buzz word in today’s world. Every corporate guru you meet will stress on good communication lines in the organization. Without good communication no organization can be profitable. Every relationship coach will insist that you speak about your feelings to your partner and share how your partner feels. Without understanding each other’s thoughts and feelings no relationship can work.

Yes, we understand that communication is an important aspect of interacting with other people in our lives, but we do not place any importance on communicating with ourselves. Despite the fact that we truly are the most important person in our own lives, we barely take any time to communicate with ourselves. In fact, as a community we are conditioned to look outwards and care for what other people think, but never ask what we want for ourselves. It is considered selfish to think about our own needs.

Daily Journal Entries

Why is it important to communicate with ourselves? When we take the time to have an internal dialogue each day, we are clear about what we enjoy doing and what we are feeling pressurized to do. When we record what we are feeling and why, in a journal in writing, we can clearly read through the situations that make us uncomfortable. Once we can identify the problem we can work towards finding a solution for it.

If we do not write down what is bothering us, we keep the irritation, anger or frustration simmering inside us. Do you think you will look beautiful on the outside if you are playing host to such negative emotions on the inside? Naturally not. This is why it is important to make a note of those things that are killing your buzz, affecting your peace of mind and just plain keeping you from being happy. It is only when you can identify the source of your dissatisfaction that you can work on removing it.

Daily Session of Mirror Work

How do I communicate with me? If you find writing a journal too tedious and perhaps are worried about someone else reading your inner most and private thoughts, you have other options. Quite simply you can use a mirror. Just stand in front of one for about five minutes and ask yourself questions and then promptly answer yourself as well. Be as honest as you can. If you feel foolish doing it at first, feel free to tell yourself that this is a silly idea.

Its fine to talk to yourself, it just feels strange initially because no one has ever asked you to do it before.  After all, that person in the mirror knows everything about you and you truly have no secrets from them. You will be genuinely surprised to see what all begins to happen when you are taking the time to communicate with yourself. You feel happy and that inner happiness allows you to glow on the outside as well. After a week you will actually look forward to these conversations with yourself.

Solitude and Meditation

There is much to be said about the hectic pace of life keeping you on your toes all through the day. You are constantly listening to others, responding to what they say, monitoring other inputs and reacting to them. In the course of events you do not even realize that you are getting frazzled. That maybe you have been doing more than you should. Everyone has pressures that they need to face during the day, the trick is in knowing how to decompress so that it doesn’t get to you.

Spending some time alone is a great way to do this. In solitude you have the time to ask yourself if you are tired, if you need something, or if you want to be more adventurous today. In meditation you can focus on the important things that matter to you. You can clarify what you need to do in your head or you can take the time to simply let all thoughts float away as you relax and rejuvenate. Most people feel comfortable focusing on a mantra or an image during meditation. However there are also some who believe that it is better to just empty the head of all thoughts during the process and go blank.

Regardless of how you do it, the important thing to remember is that you should do at least some of the things on this list. These simple daily mental practices will make it that much easier for you to get in touch with your inner spark and help you to reflect your inner beauty outwards.

Feature Writer : Cashmere Lashkari

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